Be Pristine in 2015!

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It is that time of the year, again, when we set goals to achieve amazing results in weight loss.  To help all of you take better control of your weight and your health, The Fitness Wagon is holding a Weight Loss Challenge, online on our Facebook fan page beginning on January 20 and ending on February 2, 2015.  I need at least twenty people to participate.  We will be there to support one another while following Herbalife’s safe and effective weight loss plan.   Our goal will be to Be Pristine in 2015.

To register for this challenge, please go to this link.  There will be cash prizes for the top three participants and we will hold informative weekly meetings to fortify you with empowering information to lose weight safely and maintain it.  Share this with your friends and family, and better yet, bring them along with you.  There is safety in numbers!  I look forward to helping you to achieve your goals.

Be sure to tune into my Blog Talk Radio Show, The Fitness Wagon for the next episode, Game Plan to Meet Weight Loss Goals on Wednesday at 10:00 am.



Overcoming Bad Habits in Weight Management

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To help you achieve success in your weight loss management for the coming year, I have created a few discussions which will help you.  The first is “Overcoming Bad Habits is Weight Management,” which airs on Wednesday January 7, 2015.  The discussions will take place on Blog Talk Radio on Wednesdays at 10:00 am EST.  Here is a link to the site and you can take a peek at the next two sessions.  I will be speaking about topics which concern anyone who is struggling with weight loss.

If you would like personal consultation, please sign up at my website.

Get a Jump Start on Your 2015 New Years Resolution


The New Year is almost here and many of us have fallen victim to  the tendency to overeat during the holidays.  The food is so good and plentiful that many of us try to consume as much as we can .  Everyone else is doing it.  Why not?  We only do this two times a year.

Why not plan ahead and stock up on a weight loss plan, even if you are not going to start until the beginning of the New Year or soon after?  For this reason, Herbalife has introduce a new package called the 3- Day plan, which is an introductory plan to the weight loss programs.  Now, consumers can try the plan, which includes individual protein shake packets and nutritional supplements for one low price.

Doctors Articolo and Mackey recommend following a few simple “strategies during the holidays,” such as “eating healthy meals when we are not attending parties and family gatherings.”  This could also include substituting a shake for one meal in accordance with the Herbalife weight loss programs.  More information about the Herbalife Weight Loss program is contained in this video and on my website.

The Choice to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy and abundant living begins with good food choices.

Healthy and abundant living begins with good food choices.

It has been years since my diet underwent a radical change.  It took months to adjust to eating a more healthy diet.  I changed it because of the many relatives that I witnessed dying prematurely because of not eating healthy food.  I am glad that I did.  It was not easy having to answer to so many people who believed I was doing the wrong thing, people who chose to eat whatever they liked, regardless of how it made them feel.

Initially, I lost weight, although, that was not my goal.  I felt more energetic.  I was eating organically grown food.  It was expensive, but I shopped at a healthfood store for several years.  I tried new recipes and finally acquired a taste for the vegetables, fruits and grains which I added to my diet, eliminating red meats.  I still crave vegetables, I am happy to say.  But, maintaining this lifestyle has been a choice for me, because I choose to live.  I feel I have a lot to share with others.  I would not be able to influence others unless I was exhibiting wise lifesyle choices.  For me, it has been spiritual and physical.  The two seemed to go hand in hand, which I thought was interesting.

So, it has been over twenty years that I have been eating this way.  Oh, yes, I made mistakes along the way, but I feel better overall.  I created this blog so that I can share what I have learned about weight loss.  Come back for the next posting in which I will discuss weight loss.