Exercise for Fun



If you have been watching what you eat or dieting to lose those extra pounds, it is important to get enough exercise to tone the muscles, especially after lose a significant amount of weight.  Maintaining the weight is a new life cycle and we will find ourselves making changes to accommodate our schedules and our new commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

A decision has to be made about how we will spend our days in vigorous exercise.  Some may prefer working out at a fitness center.  Here we can get individualized training on the proper way to exercise so as not to cause injury to our bodies. 

There is a new kind of fitness regime called the High Intensity Interval Training which involves spreading out the exercise time to ten minutes of vigorous exercise throughout the day.  Doctors have certified that this routine is as effective as spending longer periods of exercise.  This is ideal for those who are strapped for time.

Some may prefer bike riding in place of a fitness program at a gym.  If so, there are many bikes on the market that can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car.  This facilitates keeping to the exercise routine while on trips.   For some, a long bike ride could be very invigorating and relaxing as well.   The bike enthusiast can now take his/her bicycle wherever they go.

If you are more gymnastics oriented, you can purchase a mini trampoline and burn as much as 160 calories in twenty minutes!   That’s a great workout that even your children can enjoy.  It is important to practice good safety while working out.  Have an adult supervise the children and do not attempt the more advanced moves without a trainer or someone to spot you.

As you decide how you are going to spend your time, it is important to remember the benefits of vigorous exercise:

  1.  It helps you to avoid major health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and cancer,
  2. It will help you to sleep better,
  3. It will help you to reduce stress,
  4. It will slow down the aging process,
  5. It will help you to lose weight.

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