Importance of Good Nutrition

Healthy exercise.

Healthy exercise.

Losing weight is not easy.  It takes discipline to adapt to a new lifestyle of eating.  We know what our weaknesses are in terms of food and lifestyle, if we have been coached properly.  But it does involve many factors and an understanding of the bad habits and choices we made in getting to the point where we were unhealthy  Once we learn about making better choices, then we have to change.

The better choices include choosing the right foods, ridding the body of toxins, nutritional supplements, exercise, and following spiritual beliefs to strengthen the mind.  I used Herbalife to get the right nutrients in the body.  Initially, I was having a problem with poor digestion which caused me to vomit frequently.  After using the Herbal Aloe Juice, the vomiting stopped.  I also lost weight by using the protein shake, which also gave me the nutrients I needed in my diet, and drank more water.

Food was one of the temptations of Jesus, and he was the only one who could resist the temptation.  If you remember the story in the Bible, Jesus went into the desert for forty days and forty nights to fast.  The devil told him to turn stones into bread so that he could eat, but he refused, because he had made a commitment to fast for forty days, (Matthew 4:3).   So many of us break our diets, including myself, because someone offers us a meal which we once ate, but gave up, in an effort to become more healthy.  I was finally able to resist the temptation to eat red meat after the first six months that I stopped eating it over 20 years ago.  It is times like this that we need strength from Jesus to help us to resist the temptation.  If we turn to him, he will hep us to find a way out so that we do not succumb to unwise behavior,  (I Corinthians 10:13).   So the next time someone offers something that we should not be eating, recognize that it is from the devil.

I found a video of a sermon by Pastor Bobby Scales, who has been following good habits of diet and exercise for over twenty years.  He gave a sermon about the effects of insulin on the body.  It is rather long, but well worth watching.  It is not impossible to change our lifestyles, but it is necessary if we want a long life.

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