Amazing Weight Loss

Katie 1st Place

Recently, I met six people who lost over one hundred pounds and it brought me to tears.  I cannot imagine losing that much weight.   It must have been incredibly hard work.  Some still have more pounds to lose.  I am impressed that they were able to set goals and achieve them.  I spoke to one woman today who told me she lost one hundred sixty pounds in the last two years through diet and exercise.  She works out regularly and replenished her body with Herbalife nutritional products and supplements.  She looks really great!   to the sagging that occurs in the arms after losing as much weight as she has, she really worked on them to make the muscles more defined.  She proudly showed me her arms – they were very toned!

For one week, I have been watching this woman come into the nutrition club where I have been working, and I would have never known that she ever carried so much weight.  None has  impressed me more than her.  She actually uses the products that weight lifters and sports players would used to stay fit.  But, it helps to have the support of others who are trying to achieve the same goals.  This way, anyone trying to lose weight can stay focused on the goal and would not be undermined by someone who is not supportive of what they are trying to do.



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