The Choice to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy and abundant living begins with good food choices.

Healthy and abundant living begins with good food choices.

It has been years since my diet underwent a radical change.  It took months to adjust to eating a more healthy diet.  I changed it because of the many relatives that I witnessed dying prematurely because of not eating healthy food.  I am glad that I did.  It was not easy having to answer to so many people who believed I was doing the wrong thing, people who chose to eat whatever they liked, regardless of how it made them feel.

Initially, I lost weight, although, that was not my goal.  I felt more energetic.  I was eating organically grown food.  It was expensive, but I shopped at a healthfood store for several years.  I tried new recipes and finally acquired a taste for the vegetables, fruits and grains which I added to my diet, eliminating red meats.  I still crave vegetables, I am happy to say.  But, maintaining this lifestyle has been a choice for me, because I choose to live.  I feel I have a lot to share with others.  I would not be able to influence others unless I was exhibiting wise lifesyle choices.  For me, it has been spiritual and physical.  The two seemed to go hand in hand, which I thought was interesting.

So, it has been over twenty years that I have been eating this way.  Oh, yes, I made mistakes along the way, but I feel better overall.  I created this blog so that I can share what I have learned about weight loss.  Come back for the next posting in which I will discuss weight loss.

2 thoughts on “The Choice to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. I am on the same path. It started January 2nd this year. I feel amazing. I some how lost weight through spiritual growth. It’s been amazingly easy and life changing. I am glad to see there are others out there like me. 🙂

    • Congratulations! It is important to have support so that you will stick to your plans. The Lord desires that we make wise decisions and promises that ….”length of days, and long life, and peace shall they add to thee.” Proverbs 3:2.

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